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Bethany Faerber

Bethany Faerber is a successful entrepreneur and data analyst. She co-founded Radial Studios in 2000 with her husband George, a web development company that specializes in creating innovative and user-friendly websites for various clients. Bethany has a Masters of Accounting from The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business, where she honed her skills in financial analysis and auditing. She started her career as an IT auditor for KPMG, one of the largest accounting firms in the world, where she gained valuable experience in working with complex data and ensuring compliance with accounting standards. Bethany is a wizard with spreadsheets and databases, and she is always ready to tackle any challenge that involves manipulating large amounts of data. She is the one who oversees the financial and operational aspects of Radial Studios, ensuring that the company runs smoothly and efficiently. Bethany and her husband George have two wonderful children, who share their parents' passion for technology and creativity. They also have a dog named Shade, who loves a good sunbeam. Bethany enjoys spending time with her family, learning about Columbus and Ohio history, and traveling to new places. She is an enthusiastic and inspiring leader, who always strives to deliver high-quality results and exceed expectations.

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