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George Faerber is a leader in the web development industry. Born and raised in Central Ohio, he co-founded Radial Studios in 2000 with his wife Bethany, and since then they have helped thousands of clients create stunning and functional websites. George is also the founder of Radial Payments, a company that offers innovative and reliable payment WooCommerce plugins that integrate seamlessly with various payment providers. George is an active member of the WordPress and PHP communities in Columbus, Ohio, where he organizes and hosts monthly meetup groups to share his knowledge and experience. George and Bethany are proud parents of two children and a dog named Shade, who often accompany them on their travels around the world. George enjoys capturing the beauty of different cultures and landscapes with his camera, and he is always eager to explore new technologies that can enhance his work and life. George has an undergraduate degree from The Ohio State University and an MBA from Franklin University.

Development Server Artistic

Can I install the WordPress plugin on a development server?

By George Faerber | April 9, 2023

Yes, you can certainly install the WordPress plugin on a development server. Our software is not locked to a specific domain and we encourage our users to deploy their sites to a development box before launching to ensure proper functionality. However, it is essential to ensure that your development server is similar to your production […]

Sandbox timer

How do I run test or sandbox transactions?

By George Faerber | April 9, 2023

We understand the importance of testing transactions before going live with a new merchant site. For sites that we install and configure, we offer the convenience of leaving developer credentials installed on the plugin, enabling you to test transactions in a sandboxed environment. With the use of our test card and test AVS & CVV […]

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Can I migrate the plugin from a development server to a live server?

By George Faerber | February 10, 2023

Yes, it is possible to migrate a plugin from a development server to a live server. There are various software tools available such as Backup Buddy or Snapshot that aid in migrating between servers and domains. However, it is essential to update the Site URL settings manually if they are not taken care of by […]

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Can I deploy the site to a test server that requires a .hosts file redirect to view from my computer?

By George Faerber | February 10, 2017

You can install the software into WooCommerce, but it is difficult to test and deploy and ultimately this kind of environment is not supported.  YMMV, but we don’t encourage it and likely can’t help you with this specific scenario.

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