Worldpay by FIS Integrated Payments Hosted Checkout plugin for WooCommerce

Product Description

Adds hosted checkout and iframe payment processing by Mercury/Vantiv/Worldpay/FIS via Worldpay Integrated Payments

Support for this product is available at no charge to Merchants registered with our Worldpay Dealer account. Use the chat icon in the lower right of this page, or found on your plugin configuration page, or use the support / ticket system at the bottom of this page to request help. We are happy to schedule a call as well. We can work with your in house team or with third party developers working with you, also at no charge. Custom development or support for third party products may require additional consulting fees.

This plugin securely loads payment pages from Worldpay for your customers to enter their credit cards. Configuration options within the software allow you to choose between iframe or redirected payment pages, as well as serving up a mobile friendly page for card entry seamlessly. While Merchants are responsible for loading this software in a PCI compliant server, your website never touches the actual credit card data, providing you with the greatest degree of security for your ecommerce transactions.

New in 2022, versions 2.2.x and up include robust AVS and CVV response filtering for Merchants, with multiple options per AVS / CVV response code (PASS, WARN, HOLD, or REJECT.)

Coming soon to 2.2.x is the ability to handle additional transaction types, such as AUTH and later CAPTURE, instead of just submitting for SALE transactions.

The software includes built in Pre-Live and Production modes, so you can toggle between behaviors to run tests without having to setup a separate staging server (which we nevertheless encourage all customers to maintain!)

The software now also allows Merchants to enable a Slack Reporting mode, and establish a separate Slack Channel to push transaction events to in order to help with troubleshooting or just to help keep an eye on your website.

Finally, this plugin allows for extensive styling and configuration of the hosted checkout or iframe page to match your existing branding. All of this can be done without learning any comoplex CSS or HTML code – if you want a button to be red, you can just type in RED instead of having to know #FF0000 happens to be the hexadecimal code for red. (Hex codes are supported for the developers in the room. )


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